Following categories of membership in India Water Foundation are open for individuals/institutions/corporate bodies which are interested in and concerned about water-related issues in India and who are in agreement with India Water Foundation’s objectives.

 Corporate:  Any public or private corporation.
 Donor:  (i) Any Public or private sector corporation or an individual contributing Rs. Five lakh and above.
(ii) Any Government or Government Undertaking contributing Rs. 40 lakh or above towards building up of corpus of the Trust.
 **Associate Corporate:  Trade Federations & such other umbrella organizations.
 Institutional:  Any academic or cultural organization duly registered as a Society/Trust for the past 10 years.
 Life:  Open to all individuals.
 Associate Institutional:  Any academic or cultural institution registered as a Society/Trust.
 Associate:  Open to all individuals.
 Student:  Students of schools/ colleges will enjoy free membership of India Water Foundation till the time they are involved or associated with the activities and campaign programmes of the India Water Foundation. The names of such students are to be recommended by the concerned institutional head and parents’ consent is also essential.

Note: The category of Ordinary Membership is not available directly. Only Associate Member may, on application, be elevated to this category subject to the approval of the Membership Screening Committee of the IWF.

Fee Structure Details

 Membership Category  Admission Fee (Rs)  Annual Subsription(Rs)
 Corporate  15,00,000  –
 Donor  5,00,000 and above  –
 Associate Corporate  1,00,000  –
 Institutional  50,000  for five years
 Life  20,000  –

General Information

  • Form must be filled in Capital letters. Incomplete form is liable to be rejected.
  • The new applicant must be recommended & signed by an existing member of India water Foundation namely Founder/Corporate/Donor/Institutional/Life.
  • Membership applications in all categories are to be finally approved by the Membership Screening Committee at India Water Foundation’s Headquarters at New Delhi.
  • The Membership Screening Committee of the India Water Foundation has the right to refuse/decline membership without assigning any reason or reasons. The decision of the Committee shall be final.

Download Membership Form – Click Here