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In the wake of adoption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and conclusion of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in 2015, almost all activities pertaining to the realization of the targets of the SDGs and Climate Change agreement, with water at the core, conducted or to be carried out in the post-2015 phase in which IWF will be either the host or participant/partner, will be notified periodically.

Jal Mitra
In the wake of adoption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and conclusion of Paris Agreement on Climate Change in 2015, and water being the key component of both SDGs and Climate Change, water has come to assume added significance, especially in view of emergence of growing scarcity of fresh drinking water as a global phenomenon, including India, fast depletion of underground water resources, pollution of surface water resources, and faster pace of melting glaciers in Himalayas, which have added to water woes in India. India Water Foundation, a New Delhi-based non-profit civil society, is engaged in generating awareness among the people about water-related issues through individual and community campaigns with the help of school children and other volunteers, by means of public meetings, seminars, conferences, and via Social Media.

Tackling water-related problems requires collective efforts and these problems, which affect all of us and it is through our collective efforts that we can resolve these problems. This will also immensely help in attaining the targets of SDGs and climate change.

You can be a part of this collective endeavour by becoming a JAL MITRA by paying a nominal annual fee of Rs. 100/- only. In return you will get:

  • Regular feed on the activities of India Water Foundation;
  • Invitation for Conferences/Seminars/Symposia as and when to be organized;
  • You can send us water-related grievances in and around you which the IWF will take up with concerned authorities on your behalf;
  • You will be part of our water-related campaigns.

Jal Mitra: Individuals interested in water-related issues.

Student: Students of schools/ colleges will enjoy free membership of India Water Foundation till the time they are involved or associated with the activities and campaign programmes of the India Water Foundation. The names of such students are to be recommended by the concerned institutional head and parents’ consent is also essential.

Note: Send in your form duly filled in along with a Rs. 100/- cheque/draft in favour of India Water Foundation, New Delhi.

Primary Information
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