India Water Foundation

India Water Foundation is a ‘Key Hub of Networking’ by NCSTC, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. This strengthens the ability to move towards a positive direction. As a key hub of Networking IWF will-

  • Catalyze people towards capacity building
  • Create incubators of innovators
  • Bring leadership in youth
  • Strategizing and adopting Eco practices etc.

The foundation, moving ahead in its mission enlists its underlined vision

Establish visibility and focus- to move towards- next level of trajectory of growth and prosperity through accelerating dissemination and deployment of scientific knowledge and technological innovations 

Enabler & Facilitator efforts to ensure involvement of community members in decision-making and to enable them to acquire all skills of leadership, innovation, problem solver and execution

Knowledge management to share and disseminates new tacit and explicit knowledge. It will promote a culture conducive to learning, sharing and knowledge creation 

A Prospective future Aligning with the agenda of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Bringing Science from Labs to Land to take scientific knowledge from the laboratory to the masses to disseminate scientific information and scientific literacy

Convergence to set right chord between the stakeholders and the government to enable benefits reach ground level i.e. ‘from one who has to one who needs’

Revive Nature based solutions to develop judicious management of natural resources to ensure water, energy and food security, which shall provide benefits to human well-being and biodiversity.

Becoming Jal Mitra collective efforts to envisage a world of ‘water security’ and not ‘water scarcity’. Regular feed on activities, organized seminars, campaigns and water-related news will be disseminated.