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March 22, 2017
slipped down one place from 130 to 131 among the 188 countries ranked in terms of human development, says the…
February 2, 2017
LONDON: The Indus Civilisation underwent a period of climate change about 4,000 years ago, say scientists who suggest that the…
September 14, 2016
Kakinada: Many water sources and groundwater levels have been depleted in Nagulakonda of Eastern Ghats, which spreads from Visakhapatnam to…
Chairman's Message
The vast majority of public service operators in the world are in the public sector and 90 per cent of all major cities are served by such bodies. In other words, the largest pool of experience and expertise, and the great majority of examples of good practice and sound institutions, are to be found in existing public sector. Because they are public sector, however, they do not have any natural commercial incentive to provide international support. Their incentive stems from solidarity, not profit. Since 1990, however, the policies of international donors and development banks have focussed on the private companies and their incentives. The vast resources of the public sector have been overlooked, even blocked by pro-private policies.
Dr. Arvind Kumar
Chairman India Water Foundation